Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce
President Job Description

To provide executive leadership to the Chamber in the fulfillment of its mission and develop strategies towards a successful and financially stable future.


¥ Ensure that organization priorities are responsive to member needs.
¥ Maintain open communication with the Board, and work with and support the Board in the governance of the Chamber in accordance with the By Laws.
¥ Promote and increase small and large member participation, including membership retention.
¥ Monitor Chamber’s fiscal condition, and report significant deviations from the budget.
¥ Manage day-to-day operations of the Chamber, including staffing.


¥ Allocate funds within Chamber budget parameters and policy, consistent with good business practice (refer to Policies and Procedures Manual).
¥ Hire, evaluate, manage, dismiss, and set compensation within budget parameters and establish terms of employment for Chamber employees per the Policies and Procedures Manual.
¥ Execute contracts on behalf of the Chamber within fiscal constraints specified in the Policy and Procedures Manual and/or the Board of Directors.

Duties and Responsibilities

¥ Oversee the day-to-day operations of the Chamber, including management of programs, membership and marketing efforts (with appropriate committees), staff direction and supervision.
¥ Prepare and submit the President’s Report, monthly financial reports and other reports.
¥ Ensure response to the inquiries through the Chamber website and social media.
¥ Develop goals and objectives for recommendation to the Board.
¥ Participate in and represent the Chamber (personally or through a surrogate) at business and community events, meetings, etc.
¥ Build partnerships with other organizations, including, but not limited to, WIB, GBC, BDC, and the Maryland Department of Commerce.
¥ Advise the Chair in the appointment of personnel to committees.
¥ Direct long-term planning including, but not limited to, the Chamber Strategic Plan (for development of the Chamber) and an Economic Betterment Plan (for development of Baltimore’s business climate for the attraction, retention, and expansion of business)
¥ Document and advise the Board when additional resources are needed to meet the responsibilities defined in this Job Description.
¥ Attend Chamber committee meetings and provide staff support to committee efforts. Support the Events Committee planning and execution of the Chamber's annual meeting and other meetings as requested by the Committee Chairs.
¥ Develop and maintain the Chamber’s Policies and Procedures Manual, as needed
¥ Develop and maintain the Chamber’s Business Plan, at least annually

Performance Measurement

¥ Attain annual objectives and goals developed with the Board (See Exhibit A).
¥ Maintain financial stability and overall financial performance.
¥ Attract and retain members.
¥ Implement new ideas to grow the Chamber.

Minimum Education and Certification

¥ B.A./B.S. in business, communications, economics, marketing or equivalent experience in relevant field.
¥ Certification as a Chamber Executive, as defined by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE). The Board will consider individuals who are currently working toward such certification.

Minimum Professional Experience

¥ Proven ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with diverse internal and external groups, including, but not limited to, elected officials, business, community, and civic organizations
¥ Prior management experience required. Prior President, Executive Director, CEO, or other senior leadership experience highly desirable
¥ Excellent public speaking skills
¥ Public relations/media relations experience

Minimum Skills

¥ Proven Leadership and Management skills: people, financial, project and event
¥ Administrative and organizational skills
¥ Proficient in Microsoft Office, Customer Relationship Management, social media outlets, and other use of the Internet and electronic resources
¥ Excellent verbal, written, and listening skills, with a demonstrable ability to present and persuade, engage in effective media relations, and ultimately communicate with a wide variety of individuals at many levels within a community.
¥ Problem-solving skills

Additional Essential Job Duties:

¥ Physical activity that requires extensive time in an office environment using a computer, telephone, and mobile device
¥ Minimum travel requirements
¥ Flexible hours and schedule requiring high level of energy

Salary: DOE
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Full Time
Sunday, June 18, 2017
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Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce
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Baltimore City- Baltimore City Community College (Liberty Heights Avenue Campus)

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