The Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce is an engine for business and economic development that promotes both members’ and the City’s core value propositions.

Through events, education, networking, thought leadership, mentor programs and other initiatives, the Chamber fosters growth through collaboration, and empowers organizations of all sizes with the resources and guidance to realize their full potential. 

Message from the Chair

Richard Craft Chairman Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce

On behalf of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce leadership, I’d like to wish our members a prosperous and healthy New Year. We are looking forward to a year of abundant opportunities for our membership in 2018.

It is an honor to serve as the new Chairman of the Board for the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce. Not only are we here to foster relationships within the business community, but also to be a preferred resource to provide for the needs of local businesses and be their champion for representation. It is my hope that our members become increasingly active with the City Chamber by networking at our events, finding ways to help one-another and participating in collaborative opportunities whenever possible.

We have a lot of exciting occasions planned and are innovatively working to build a stronger Chamber this year. We will join forces with other Chambers and organizations that impact our members’ ability to thrive in business. This year we will build partnerships and develop programs around leadership, grant opportunities, advocacy, professional development, entrepreneurship and access to capital. We seek to adapt to the progressive needs of our membership through providing a multitude of forums to engage others in diverse formats.

I expect to see exponential growth for the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce in 2018. I am proud to work with a dedicated Board of Directors, Committees and Staff to promote, advocate, and enhance a very positive business environment in Baltimore. We welcome you to join the Chamber and grow with us!

Richard Craft
Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce
Board Chairman 2018‐--2019


A Brief History of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce


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By Sonny Morstein

In 1990, Baltimore, like older cities, was going through a difficult time as Federal grant money for neighborhoods and commercial districts had just about disappeared. The City was losing 1000 residents a month. It was then that a group of business leaders with the urging of City Councilman Tony Ambridge and Governor Schaeffer decided the City needed "a Cheer Leader" for the small and medium sized business community. The logical choice was to activate the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce. At the time, before the chamber was officially organized, it was just one of the many committees of the Greater Baltimore Committee. It was not really a functioning entity. The time was right to move from a committee to become a chamber and separate from the G.B.C. and function independently with its own Board and membership.

In spite of being told Baltimore would not support another business group, we went forward. It is worth mentioning two business leaders who were instrumental in forming the working group and bringing the chamber to fruition. One was Fletcher Hall, Executive Vice President Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors and Edwin Warfield, Publisher of the Daily record. In 1991, we were up and running and 21 years later we are still in the business of assisting business owners in achieving greater success.