***Exclusive for Baltimore City Chamber Members ONLY***


Are you using WordPress for your business's website and can't seem to beat your competition in the Google search results?


Google is using your mobile ranking to judge your site - everywhere. It's called the "mobile first index."

That's a fancy way of saying if you're not doing well when someone searches for you on their phone, soon you won't do well anywhere. If we don't help you, make sure you're ready either way!


We want to help all our fellow chamber members :) And if you email chamberad@tharrosmedia.comwe'll help you get your website mobile search ready for free! 


Coming later this year (September-ish), Google is going to use their "mobile first index." We don't want our fellow chamber members left behind :(


Are you still skeptical?


Good! You should be...

We WILL need access to your WordPress website to do our magic (install our plug-in). 

Our web developer created a plug-in that creates AMP pages for ALL your website's pages. We have an exclusive deal with him for a limited time only.

Meaning before he starts to sell his plug-in to the public, we're the only people that have it...

And we're currently using it on ALL our client's sites. They're sites dominating their competition with first page rankings and more visitors.


No, we aren't ONLY using this plug-in on their sites, but this plug-in has bumped up their sites - as many as 3 pages in one case!



You can check our listing here - Baltimore SEO - (on your phone) if you're STILL skeptical if it works or not ;)

Yes, (we know) we're not #1 - we're working on it. #4 or 5 is pretty good after only 3 months, don't you agree?


Are you going to prepare your WordPress website for the future? Email us at chamberad@tharrosmedia.com so you can start today (and if you have any questions)!


Side note: No, we won't GIVE you the plug-in. We have a license key we'd have to give you too. Both of those getting out would literally be a disaster ;)


PS. The picture (attached) shows what AMP is. Click our listing for Baltimore SEO (on your phone) and see how FAST it loads! *Hint... it's less than 0.1 seconds

Valid Dates: 
Wednesday, April 12, 2017 to Friday, June 30, 2017
We can ONLY add our exclusive plug-in to WordPress websites. Almost 60% of the internet is run on WordPress, so you're more than likely fine.
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