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Can your business survive a disruption or crisis? Most organizations believe they can—until one occurs. Do you have a culture of preparedness within your organization? Find out before a disruption tests your resiliency.

Firestorm’s Business Continuity Self-­‐Assessment offers a diagnostic tool that provides an in-­‐depth evaluation of your organization’s preparedness. It measures current performance levels, assesses your preparedness against a model business continuity program, and identifies the most cost-­‐effective improvements. Firestorm’s Self-­‐Assessment establishes a baseline, and sets up process improvement metrics to ensure the best possible return on the resources invested in business continuity.

The Self-­‐Assessment is completed in one sixty-­‐minute interview. Firestorm then produces a detailed analysis and report of the results, and presents the findings to you and your team.

The Self-Assessment is a series of over 50 questions about your Business Continuity
Program and includes the following focus areas:

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Profiting From Preparedness

Companies with focused business continuity programs do more than survive disruptions—many thrive in the post-­‐ disaster landscape of the “new normal.” Will this be you?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is currently establishing standards for private sector preparedness (PS-­‐Prep), a nationally-­‐recognized certification of preparedness that supports Public Law 110-­‐53, Title IX. Companies who fail to certify under PS-­‐Prep risk losing business to their competitors. Does your program align with PS-­‐Prep?

What should I do now?

Every company should assess its level of preparedness on a regular basis. For businesses planning to obtain PS-­‐Prep certification, the time to make adjustments to your business continuity program is now. Failing to acquire PS-­‐Prep certification may place you at a disadvantage against your competitors. By taking advantage of this window to prepare, your organization will be ready to certify—and gain a recognized competitive advantage.

Firestorm Solutions, a national leader in business continuity and preparedness solutions, can ensure you identify vulnerabilities and threats, develop plans to prevent or mitigate those threats, and are prepared to perform when the event occurs in every situation.


The Perfect Road map for Readiness


Firestorm’s Self-­‐Assessment diagnostic tool measures how your current continuity plan aligns to industry standards, and shows you how to implement improvements with the highest return on investment.


With Firestorm’s Self-­‐Assessment and analysis completed, you will have a roadmap of steps to be taken to meet best practices and standards of preparedness in all categories.


By implementing Firestorm’s recommended improvements and adjustments to your business continuity program, your organization will gain value from overall preparedness, and outperform your competitors in PS-­‐Prep certification.


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Ken Mercer

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