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The Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce is the voice of, and chief advocate for the City’s business community.  Through education, strategic communications and stakeholder engagement, the Public Policy Committee empowers Chamber members with a shaping influence among elected officials, and the means for advocating a pro-business agenda.

As the voice of Baltimore businesses, the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce’s focus is to serve as a forum through which members are able to grow their respective businesses. Programs and initiatives foster collaboration long-term growth, and development, and each campaign is designed to promote both members and the City’s core value propositions. The Chamber is committed to advocating for the continuing adoption of a pro-business agenda by the City of Baltimore and the region on behalf of its members.

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The committee meets the second Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held virtually, using Zoom. If you are interested in participating in committee activities, please contact the Public Policy Committee Chair, Hal Resnick, to get more information.


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The Public Policy Committee is led by Dr. Hal Resnick of Basehart Inc. Basehart provides consulting services to small and minority owned business, including proposal preparation, project management and recovery, and minority company certification applications. Hal received a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from City College of New York, a master of arts in English from George Mason university, and a doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Maryland. He has also serve as the Chairman of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce. 


The Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to serve as an engine for business and economic development that promotes both members’ and the City’s core value propositions.


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